About Us

We want to improve Learning, Research and Outreach in an increasingly digital/analogue blended world.

Our Team

Michael Rampe

Michael Rampe

As chief visionary and product manager, Michael built the Pedestal concept from the ground up over the past 5 years.
Through working in education, technology and media positions for the past 25 years, Michael can now leverage all 3 specialties to ensure a best of breed educational technology approach for a modern web audience. As an educator, a 3D scanning expert, a 3D printing enthusiast and a hype sceptic, he has both a holistic and realistic product vision. In his spare time, he works on his gardening and Bonsai hobbies but he always finds time to take his one year old daughter shell collecting at the beach.
Ed Moore

Ed Moore

Coding websites since the age of 10 on geocities, Ed is the web native of the team. With a solid background in web technologies, Ed also leverages his expertise in cyber security and system analytics to provide the Pedestal stack with a secure and firm yet flexible foundation. When not deploying code, Ed enjoys both types of culinary experiences, burgers AND burritos.
Peter Reeves

Peter Reeves

Peter has always been interested in computer graphics. After completing his Bachelor of Information Technology at Macquarie University, he became a tutor for the university. He runs practical class for games development and computer graphics units. Peter joined the Pedestal 3D team and immediately found his calling in constructing a site that displays good quality 3D rendering while running at silky smooth frame rates. He also has done some freelance work, and worked at a small studio for a year where he made AR and VR applications.


  • 2013
    Concept Seed
    Through working with Academics in Archaeology, a real and wicked problem space was identified for utilizing 3D scans of Egyptian artefacts in online education
  • 2014
    Prototype Trialed
    An initial web based prototype view was deployed with overwhelmingly positive student and academic feedback. This version and outcome was shortlisted as a finalist project and presented at the first QS Reimagine Education Awards in Philadelphia.
  • 2015
    A platform was conceived
    A learning and teaching grant was awarded to further develop the prototype into a fully functional learning technology.
  • 2016
    The first version of the software was launched in early 2016 and immediately taken up as a teaching tool in live teaching units at Macquarie.
  • 2016
    The Rise Begins
    Late in 2016, the project was flagged by the Universities Office of Commercialisation and Innovation to enter the new pop-up incubator for entrepreneurs on campus.
  • 2017
    2017 saw a solid and sustained acceleration for the team. The team applied to the CSRIO On Prime pre-accelerator program in Sydney, was admitted and won best of cohort many customer interviews later. We pitched at the pitch@palace event to Prince Andrew as he opened the new permanent incubator building on campus of which we were one of the inaugural resident startups. We pitched at tech23 in Sydney and won an Ed tech prize and a bunch of AWS credit. We spoke (and more importantly listened) to many more customers, investors, mentors and influencers. We secured interest in pilots with some top clients (both paid and proof of concept)
  • 2018
    Start Up
    After successfully securing a robust IP deal with the University, the founders officially incorporated Pedestal 3D Pty Ltd in February through the generous support of CSIRO On runway services.

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