Build for industry, built with industry

Higher Education

As our initial target market, our core product was developed to meet the needs of modern higher education course delivery. We integrate and embed into Learning Management Systems (LMS) and enable powerful tools to enable rich online object-based learning and location-based learning regardless of whether the mode is traditional, blended or fully online. You don’t have to be a 3D animation expert to understand our tools and publishing process and we wrote our interface to be obvious and usable by anyone without prior knowledge. We have built our product to cater for the modern higher education market allowing separate management of individual schools and departments, integrating with campus authentication systems and granular controls of visibility including unlisted private items and collections as well as a full organisational gallery front end.

Museums and galleries

As the museum and gallery sector continues with the ever present and accelerating process of collection digitisation, our platform is ideally positioned to allow for peace of mind for where the data is stored and who can access it. We have powerful API hooks to enable integration with your existing systems. The power of putting your scans and 3D data on the web extends and enhances visitor experience and enables an open yet controlled mechanism for your research imaging. As we are developed as an educational tool, integration with museum and gallery education programs is simple and easy.


More and more councils, departments and government bodies are generating 3D imaging data and we offer a common and simple way to make that data open, visible and reusable by your constituents and customers. From a small council undertaking heritage remediation work to a large government body with born digital 3D imaging to share, our platform is cost effective and flexible to achieve these aims without expensive in-house development.

Some of our Customers