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Pedestal 3D is a SAAS 3D CMS

Pedestal 3D offers organisations a custom platform for self management of 3d assets for use in learning and teaching, museum and general web contexts.

Pedestal 3D is a subscription based Software As A Service (SAAS) Content Management System (CMS) for 3D mesh data. We offer a scale of license types from light to standard through to enterprise to allow your use to scale as you need it.

CMS screenshot

Pedestal 3D has custom tools for management and measurement of scale, object level annotations, multiple object views for different audiences, cross sections and other advanced manipulation tools.

With solid role-based user management and simple and streamlined form-based upload processes, Pedestal 3D is simple to learn and powerful to use for your organisation. We have developed a full branding system and ability to fully customise the look and feel of your instance however you want.

3D viewer screenshot

Our viewer couples modern web frameworks with a simple and elegant full screen interface to allow for a perfect 3D viewing experience regardless of device or operating system. We have designed the interface so your end users will be able to pickup and use your 3D items and embeds easily without training, yet have access to useful tools such as measuring, screenshots and adjustments to the object properties and lighting.

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