Pedestal 3D

Useful, powerful, simple

Fully managed SAAS platform

We run separate single tenancy infrastructure for each of our clients so you can be assured your data is safe and separate. We host your data on shore in the country where you are or wherever else you want us to.

Custom Branding

Your brand and style is important so we allow for a set of customised logo and colour choices to make your Pedestal instance feel at home to your employees and end users. Not enough? Everything can be further customised with a simple CSS override system.

Responsive modern embeddable viewer

The world doesn’t sit inside a small box. Why should your 3D content? Our viewer is designed as a full window and full screen experience first and responsively scales to whatever format or size you require on page.

Full object scale management system

Size does matter. Whether working with nanoscale micro-ct scans or galaxy sized astronomical visualisations, we have built a robust and flexible system to set scale and calibrate scale for any object file you upload. This is at the core of our powerful ruler tools.

Tools built for learning and teaching

We have built clever and custom tools to help augment and extend the traditional classroom experience. Ruling features, digital calipers, three point circles, cross sections along planes and arbitrarily. We even have built in screenshot tools to make publication easy. All of this is easy to learn and powerful to use.

Annotation engine

We have a flexible and powerful annotation system where you can describe, link and embed directly and easily.

Multi-user management

Our platform is built on top of a granular and customizable set of roles, permissions and users. Why have one system per staff member when you can easily manage them all in one place. To share items between staff we have a delegation feature. Add in LDAP, SAML and OAUTH to truly integrate with your current organisational systems.

Collection system and gallery embeds

We have a built-in method to create public or private collections of items and embed them the way you want to make custom galleries easy and flexible.

Multiple item instances

To use the same object in different classes or different contexts, we have built systems to allow you to create any number of separate views of an item.

Complex organisation control

We have built multi-division support for large and complex organisations that want multiple branded galleries or administrator control over different collections.

Full API

We have developed Pedestal 3D from the ground up as a powerful set of API calls that can be used to integrate with your existing systems.

Your feature here

We are constantly improving Pedestal 3D with a customer driven development cycle and if we don't have what you need now, we are agile and able to innovate quickly.